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Breathe in, breathe out...ahh!

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

As I will be operating ' Massage by Liz' from a yoga studio, it is only fitting I share one of my favourite yoga poses - The Tree Pose, also known as Vrksasana in Sanskrit.

View of Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast

The Sanskrit name comes from the words vrksa meaning tree, and asana meaning pose. It is often referred to as a basic yoga pose to promote balance; however some days it can be tougher than others to find our focus and centre.

Just as yoga helps with stress relief, massage also provides similar health benefits such as:

· Alleviates pain, stiffness in joints

· Increases flexibility and mobility

· Eases back and neck pain

· Soothes and calms

· Eases anxiety and depression

· Keeps the body active and moving

· Improves circulation.

I am excited to team up with Katie Haupton of Woven Wolf to share a space operating from Bell Yoga in Brightwater/Mountain Creek on weekends from Saturday 28 September.


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