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Healthy Holiday Massage

I grew up in one of those families that would sit around the lounge room of an evening and I'd be asked ‘can you just give my shoulders, hand or foot’ a massage?

As the youngest, I was more often than not lured into providing the massages with promises of milkshakes or massages in return...that never eventuated. The timing was usually during a tv show ‘just until the next ad break’ stretching out to ‘just to the end of the show.’

And not much has changed! Catching up with my brother and family over the school holidays – I was able to help them relax on their visit with massages at the beach!

Well – why not? In between, surfing, swimming, handball and reading – it was the perfect setting with an ocean soundtrack in the background.

I have always been a fan of getting a massage on holidays. You have more free time and it can help de-stress while you are away from work.

So why not book in for a treatment these school holidays?

Massage by Liz offers a range of massage options that have your back (literally). Competitively priced, choose from one of the three R’s: Relaxation (Swedish), Remedial or a Reflexology treatment for 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Do your body and health a favour and you will enjoy the benefits long after the holidays.

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To book, call 0427 619 497, email or request an appointment online at

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