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Take Time – for your Mental Health

Today, marks the start of Queensland Mental Health Week (5-13 October, 2019). Mental health is important for all of us, yet it is a part of life that is often overlooked. Busy lives get in the way of us caring for our mental health, as does a fear of feeling weak should we reveal our mental health challenges.

Did you know?

One in every two Queenslanders will experience mental illness in their lifetime.

This Year's Theme:

This year’s theme, Take time – for mental health is about the simple yet proven things everyone can do to value and boost their mental health and wellbeing.

Queensland Mental Health Week (QMHW) is a time to check-in, an opportunity to reflect on what all of us can do to look after our mental health and reach out to those who need support.

Symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression (all connected with poor mental health) may be improved with massage therapy.

Physiology and psychology are interrelated. The mental state will affect the physical. For example, a person’s muscles and body may be contracted producing pain and fatigue and as a result psychological stress may be present.

In reverse, psychological stress can be causing tension and physical conditions, such as headaches.

In treating pain-causing injuries and the individual as a whole (within scope), mental health can be improved and in many cases restored with the healing touch of massage.

Take Time out and book a Massage for your Mental Health!

To get involved or for more information about QMHW, visit: To see a list of 'Massage by Liz' services visit:

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